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How to Tell if Your Car's Frame is Bent After an Accident

Posted - 08/24/2012

When you’re in the market for a used car, you want to get the best deal possible. Sometimes a deal seems to be too good to be true. This may be because the car was involved in a major accident and now has a bent frame. There are a few simple ways to check whether a car has a bent frame.

Look for gaps where the body parts meet. The fenders, doors, trunk and hood should all align neatly with their neighboring parts. If there are differences in the width of the gaps, or the gaps are bigger on one side, then the car may have a bent frame. Stand several feet behind and in front of the car and examine it. If it seems to lean to one side or one side appears slightly higher than the other, this may be a sign of frame damage. Drive the car while a trusted friend follows behind. If the frame is straight, the tires on each side should track in the same place. They should line up perfectly. If they aren’t lined up, it is a red flag.

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